Affiliated Resorts

1.What are the Internal Affiliated Resorts?
LWH has arranged for affiliations with other hotels/resorts operators through reciprocal arrangement or by rental. The participating affiliated resorts under the above arrangement are subject to change and maybe terminated pursuant to the terms of the reciprocal or rental arrangement.

2.What are the fees imposed for reservation at affiliated resorts?
For affiliated resorts under reciprocal arrangement, the Company will impose one off administration fee per booking for affiliated resorts at East Malaysia and Thailand.

For affiliated resorts under the rental arrangement, the Company will offer special rate to members based on the contract rates offered by the hotel on yearly basis.
3.What is the standard check-in date for those Affiliated Resorts require strict utilization of 7 night’s reservation?
The standard check-in and check-out date for one week interval is fixed from Friday to following Friday or Saturday to following Saturday. It is depending on the Affiliated Resorts’ regulations.

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