Interval International


1.What is an exchange of entitlement?
You are allowed to exchange your entitlement with other members in other parts of the world through the Interval International (Exchange Company). If you have instructed LWH to deposit one week entitlement into Interval International (via booking form),Interval International will allow you to access their system to find out other member’s deposit week that is available in other parts of the world.

2.How do I become a member of Interval International (II)?
You may call the Interval office at 1 800 80 1244 for enrollment and the enrollment fee for 1 year is USD89. Subsequent renewal can be arranged. The renewal fee is subject to change.

3.How do I make reservation after I have deposited my entitlement into Interval International?
You have two ways to make reservation; you may call Interval International toll free line at 1800-80-1244 or you may access into their website at It is advisable that you enroll as an online member whereby you can access to other interval weeks that make available for reservation.

4.What is Interval International Getaway Special?
This is an added benefit for members to buy one week of holiday destination at a very attractive price. It does not involve in using entitlement.

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