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1.1What is an entitlement?
Entitlement is referred to the “right to use” of 7 nights (5 weekdays and 2 weekends) peryear / alternative year at our Base resorts. You may exchange of your base resort entitlement for affiliated resort usage.

1.2When can I get my 7 nights entitlement?
Entitlements are allocated based on anniversary year of your membership.

1.3What are weekends and weekdays?
Weekend is referred to as Fridays and Saturdays. Weekday is referred to as Sunday to Thursday.

1.4What room type may I get?
For Gold membership, the Company will provide 2 hotel room unit.

For Silver membership, the Company will provide 1 hotel room unit.

Whether to have apartment or hotel room is subject to the type of unit offered by the respective resorts/hotels.

1.5When is the expiry date of my entitlement?
The system will automatically carry forward your unused entitlement for another year. The unused entitlement shall be forfeited by the end of the extended period.

1.6What is the reason to have expiry date for entitlement?
This policy is to protect the interest of members and this is to avoid over-booking situation in future.

1.7What if I have finished my current year’s entitlement, can I advance my next year’s entitlement?
Yes, you can advance your next year’s entitlement provided your account is paid up-to-date and you will pay for the next year’s annual maintenance fee too.

1.8When can I book using my entitlement?
The entitlement can be used if you reached 30% payment of the membership price.

1.9Can I split my 7-night entitlement?
Members are allowed to split their entitlement for bookings. However, booking for Interval International and some of the internal affiliated resorts required minimum 7 nights booking. It is advisable to refer to Member Services Department for more information.


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