1.How do I make reservation?
You may fax in your booking form to 03-27713628 or use the online booking form at

2.Can I cancel or amend my reservation?
Yes, but all cancellation of reservation must be made in writing not less than 14 days prior to the check-in date. The entitlement will be deemed utilised if in the event of non-compliance of the above requirement.

Please note that for some international destinations, there may have different notification period. It is advisable to check with our Member Services Department.

3.How many months in advance can I place for a reservation?
For members who wish to book for Base Resort, you may place reservation of 12 months in advance of your traveling period. For booking to affiliated resorts, you may place your reservation 6 months in advance of your traveling period.

4.How early do I need to place my reservation to secure a booking?
This is subject to your traveling period. If your traveling period is in the normal season,you can place your booking at least 2 weeks before the traveling period. However, if your traveling period falls on peak seasons, you need to plan in advance and place your reservation as early as possible. All booking is based on first come first served.

5.How can I increase my chance for a successful booking?
In order to improve the chance of securing your booking, you are advised to give either 1 travel date with 3 choices of resorts in the order of your preference, or you may give one resort with 3 travel dates in the order of your preference. You are advised to plan your holiday in advance in order to improve the chances of securing your preferred holiday

6.What is the check-in and check-out time?
The check-in time is 3pm and the check-out time is 12pm.

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